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Switching the Self Service app between companies
Switching the Self Service app between companies
How to login to the Self Service if you are registered in multiple companies or Officient environments?
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In some cases, it is possible that you as an employee have a Self Service account in multiple Officient environments at the same time. For example, when you work for different companies of the same umbrella organisation, or when you change employers (and both employers use Officient). In this article, we will explain how you can consult the Self Service for the different employers or environments.

In our example, employee Florette has access to 3 accounts:

  • her current employer, Officient

  • her flexi-job, Interieurwinkel

  • her former employer, Vandelay Industries

At this moment Florette is logged into the Self Service of her current employer, Officient. To go to one of the other environments, she needs to follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Log out at the bottom of the Self Service.

  2. Click on Login using another account.

  3. Choose the fitting login method (and use the mail address that is known at all the companies, mostly it's your personal e-mail).

  4. Select the company you want to login to.

Attention: Former employees with access to the Self Service will still keep this access when they are out of service, albeit with limited access (e.g. to payslips, tax sheet, etc.).

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