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How to install the Officient Self Service?
How to install the Officient Self Service?

This guide explains step by step how your coworkers can install the Self Service app.

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Officient's Self Service is a digital environment where employees have access to the relevant personnel administration. Apply for absences, look up contact details of colleagues, or simply consult payslips? After following this installation guide, from now on you can do this completely yourself and digitally.

Different access points

As an employee, you have two ways to access the Self Service:

Do you want to have employment administration everywhere you go? Then first install the mobile Officient app on your smartphone. You can find it in Google Play or Apple Store.

Don't feel like choosing? No problem! You can perfectly combine both systems: you work with on your computer and use the app on your phone.

How to get started with your Self Service?

These steps are also explained in this installation video for the Self Service.

Do you want to start using the mobile app right away? Then make sure you downloaded it first.

  1. Receive a registration email from your employer in your inbox.

  2. Click on the underlined link to register yourself.

  3. Choose your own PIN code to secure your Self Service. (*)

(*) Once you have chosen a PIN code, you can also choose fingerprint or facial recognition on your smartphone.

Ready to get started!

Once you have installed the Self Service, you are ready to get started. Want to know more about the most important parts? Then just read our Self Service User Guide.

Want to log in again later?

When you log in to the Self Service for the first time, you do so via the registration email. Then you can log in directly via or via the mobile app. At that moment, you will see that there are different ways to log in. You can find more information about them in this article.

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