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A coworker has trouble logging into the Self Service
A coworker has trouble logging into the Self Service

One of your employees cannot log into the Self Service. How to solve this

Updated over a week ago

It can happen that an employee can't log into his Self Service. By following this step-by-step plan, you can help this employee on his way again.

Check the following things together with your employee:

  1. Which link do they use to log in?

    If this is something other than or the Officient smartphone app, you have already found the reason. Send your employee to the right platform and usually, the problem is solved.

  2. What email address is the employee using?
    Check if the email address the employee is using matches what is in their Officient profile. This could be the professional email address or the personal email address.

  3. Pin code is wrong?
    This is easy to solve, they can request a new one themselves. Just follow the steps in this article: Resetting a PIN for Self Service

  4. Did you go through the previous steps and you still don't succeed?
    Contact the chat.

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