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Forgot your PIN to log on to the Self Service
Forgot your PIN to log on to the Self Service

You forgot your pin code? Use this article to reset it.

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Has an employee forgotten the PIN code to log on to Officient's Self Service? Don't worry, there are several ways to reset it!

The employee can recover it himself via SMS or e-mail verification. An admin can also start a reset from the HR platform.

  1. When an employee enters an incorrect pin code twice, he or she gets this screen:

  2. Choose Forgotten your PIN? Then you come to this screen:

Recover PIN via personal email

You will receive a one-time code by mail to set a new pin code on your set private mail address.

Open your mailbox and enter the one-time code, after that you can reset the pin code.

Recover pin code via SMS

You will receive a one-time code on the mobile phone number entered in your employee profile. After entering the one-time SMS code, you can reset the PIN code.

Recover PIN code by HR admin

HR admins can also have people who enter the wrong pin 5 times set a new pin code.

This is useful for employees who do not succeed in logging in again via SMS or private mail.

  1. After 5 wrong attempts, you will see in the profile that the Self Service is blocked.

  2. By clicking on the red Self Service button, you can reset the pin code for this employee. Now the employee will be able to log in and enter a new pin code.

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