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Link Officient with Teams so that notifications go straight to a Teams channel

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Do you use Teams in your company and would you like birthdays and absences to come in from Officient? In that case, you can now create a link between both systems.

💡 Microsoft Teams is an online platform from Microsoft that facilitates communication and collaboration by means of chat, online calls, storage of documents, etc.

❗️Note: in order to link Officient and Teams, you need to be an admin in both systems.

What does the Teams-Officient link do?

Officient can send the following types of notifications to a Teams channel of your choice:

1. Absences notifications

Officient will display in a channel on a daily basis who is absent.

💡 Official holidays do not enter the Slack calendar as absences if they were set via Settings > Calendar: official holidays.

2. Birthday notifications

Officient provides a daily overview of who has had a birthday that day.

3. New employee notifications

Every day an overview of who starts working that day. (linked to the start date role)

How do I connect Teams to Officient?

  1. Go to the ⚙️ Settings of Officient.

  2. Under Integrations choose Teams integration.

  3. Then click on Link Teams.

  4. Enter your microsoft login details.

  5. Indicate which notifications you want to forward to Teams and to which channel.

  6. Click on Save.

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