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This article explains how you can add days off or sick days in the Officient Self Service.

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The calendar function makes it easy to consult your remaining calendar days and plan absences yourself. You can also view your colleagues' calendars right away and, of course, link everything to your agenda at work.

How to request a calendar entry?

  1. Click on the day(s) on which you want to apply for.

  2. Select Add 1 day.

  3. Choose the type of absence on which it is to be booked.

  4. Choose a full or half-day, or enter specific hours.

  5. Send the request to your manager or HR via Send request.

How much budget do I have left?

  1. Go to the Calendar.

  2. Click on My calendar budget at the top.

How do I view my colleagues' calendar?

  1. Go to Calendar.

  2. For desktop: Click on the gear at the top right and select Show colleagues or click on colleagues at the bottom of the calendar to see an overview for each colleague.

  3. For mobile: Click on Show colleagues at the bottom of your screen.

Because Officient respects personal data, you only see the absence of your colleagues. Not the reason or type.

💡 Working, but not at the office? Let your colleagues know by putting home office in your calendar. That way they can see that you are working remotely.

💡 Would you like to see your year in an overview? Click on your own name in Show colleagues. You will now see your own yearly calendar.

How to add this calendar to your work calendar?

This depends on the type of calendar you use. Please read the full step-by-step plan to do so.

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