It may happen that an employee is unable to log on to his Self Service app. By following this step-by-step plan, as a HR User you will probably help that employee get back on track.

Together with your employee, look into these topics:

  1. Which link does the employee use to log in?

    If this is another link than or the Officient smartphone app, you have found the reason right away. Send your employee to the right platform and usually, the problem is solved.

  2. Which e-mail address does the employee use?

    Check if the e-mail address the employee uses matches what is in his Officient profile. This can be the professional e-mail address or the personal e-mail address.

  3. PIN is wrong?

    This is easy to solve, the employee can request a new one. Follow the steps in this article: Reset PIN for the Self Service.

  4. Followed all the previous steps and still no success?

    Contact Officient via chat.

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