Sometimes users may have problems logging in to HR Platform or registering. In some cases, these are common problems with standard solutions. We describe below some common situations, their causes, and workarounds.

Are you a Securex client? Then you can log in to Officient via the Securex portal ( Are you having problems logging in to the Securex portal? Please contact Securex via

I am a new user and I cannot register

New users on the Officient HR Platform will receive an e-mail containing a link that will give them access to Officient.

Through this link, the user can choose a login method (e-mail + password, Google or Office 365). From now on, this is the method the user should choose to log in.

I cannot open the link

💡 Try copying and pasting the full link from the invitation e-mail into your browser as a URL. Make sure you are doing this in a compatible browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

I am not receiving the link

💡 It is possible that the invitation e-mail has ended up in your spam inbox. Be sure to check your advertising or spam folder.

💡 Didn't find the email? Check if the person who gave you access has entered the correct email address.

💡 Still haven't received the link? Please contact us at

I am an existing user and I can't log in anymore

I cannot get to the login page

💡 Are you using the correct URL? You can log in via That site will direct you to Here you can choose which company you want to access (if you have more than one Officient account).

I get an error message when signing up

When logging in, you have a number of possible login methods.

  • Username and password

  • Google

  • Office 365

💡 Always choose the login method you chose when you logged in to Officient for the first time.

For example, if you have a Gmail address, but you chose username and password the first time, you will not be able to log in via Google. You can change this later on, however.

I can't remember my password

💡 Have you forgotten your password? Then you can reset it by clicking on Forgot your password? A reset link will be sent to you via email.

I have requested a new password but the link does not arrive

💡 Take a look at your spam folder in your inbox. It is possible that the reset e-mail has arrived there.

Still not successful? Make sure you are using the right email address to request a reset.

❗️ Password resetting is only possible if your login method is username and password. If you request a password reset but your login method is google, you will not receive an e-mail.

Make sure you are using the correct login method.

I don't want to log in through the browser every time I need Officient

Officient also has a desktop app. This way you can easily navigate to your Officient account from a shortcut on your desktop without logging in.

Read here how to install the desktop app.

❗️If you have multiple Officient accounts, you will need to install multiple desktop apps.

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