You can restrict the login mechanism to only allow Google or Office 365 logins.
By default, Officient allows Google, Office 365 and email as a login. Some of our customers do this as an extra security step.

Why should you temporarily deactivate the Self Service? Some customers do this when setting up new leave entitlements for a new calendar year.

In this way, they avoid questions about incomplete leave entitlements.

You can find these settings in the HR Platform under ⚙️ Settings => Self Service=> Security

Self Service Safety


These settings let you choose the login mechanism your employees can use to log on to the Self Service. In addition to their e-mail address, they will also need to choose a PIN code.

If you choose to log in via Google or Office 365, you get the option to disable the PIN because these login mechanisms already include two-step authentication.

Self Service status

If you want to make the Self Service temporarily unavailable, you can disable it. In that case, it will no longer be available to your colleagues, but neither in preview mode.

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