Via the Self Service app, employees can not only request leave but also delete it again. In this article, we will explain how to delete leave and how this action is followed up.

Deleting leave of absence via the Self Service

Via the Self Service app, an employee can delete his or her leave, regardless of whether they have already been approved. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Calendar
  2. Select the day on which you want to revoke the leave of absence
  3. Click on Delete 1 day

❗ Warning! Deleting leave of absence in the past or on the day itself isn't possible via the Self Service.

The processing of your cancellation

How your cancellation is processed further depends on two factors:

  • Was the leave of absence that you canceled already approved?
  • Has your employer activated the approval flow?

If the holiday has not yet been approved, the cancellation will be registered immediately. In that case, no one should assess this cancellation.

If this day has already been approved, it depends on whether your employer has set up an approval flow or not:

  • If this function is active, employers will receive a signal when you have deleted leave, and they can approve or reject it. As soon as your request is approved or rejected, this will become visible in your Self Service Calendar.
  • If this function is not active, your cancellation will also be registered immediately.

Warning: Planning leave of absence should always be done in consultation between the company and the employee. If your leave of absence has already been approved, neither you nor your employer can cancel it. Even if your cancellation was registered immediately, your employer has the right to contradict this.

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