The time registration integration between Officient and Geodynamics works as follows:

  • Approved days off linked to a code in Officient will be pushed to Geodynamics. You can recognise linked day off types by the 🔗-icon next to the day off type (settings > day off types)
  • If you remove a day off in Officient, this will also happen in Geodynamics
  • There is an automatic synchronisation 2 times per day at 10h and 18h

Geodynamics will complement the day off data it receives from Officient with worked hours.

At the end of the month, you create your export file in Geodynamics as usual. This file will be sent to the social secretariat or payroll provider to be processed in the payroll engine.

After the salaries and days off were processed in the payroll engine, the Officient calendar will be automatically updated with the data from this month as known in the payroll engine.

Before you start: actions in your Geodynamics account

In order to establish the link between Officient and Geodynamics, your Geodynamics account needs to match the following conditions:

  1. You must have an active web services subscription
  2. Your login must have access rights enabled to the Absences and Users API's

To configure this, you can contact the Geodynamics support team

Let's get to work: in your Officient account

The integration with Geodynamics starts on the Officient Marketplace. Follow the steps below to set up the integration:

  1. Go to our Marketplace and look up Geodynamics (or follow the direct link);
  2. On the Geodynamics page, click Install

3. You will be redirected to . There, click the button 'Log in with Officient' and use your Officient account credentials to log in.

4. After you have logged in, you will see an autentification screen, which enables Geodynamics to link the Geodynamics account with Officient.

5. Click 'Authorize' to proceed

6. The Geodynamics integration is now available, click this box to log in to your Geodynamics account.

7. On the next page, fill out your company name, username and password exactly as they are known in your Geodynamics account (NOT your Officient account!) and click 'Enable integration'

8. Inform Officient via our chat that you have set up this integration with Geodynamics; and what you want to do exactly:

  • Do all employees use Geodynamics, or only a certain group? For example, you could send the days off for all your blue-collar workers to Geodynamics, but you will still fully manage (and manually push the calendar for) your white-collar workers in Officient?
  • Do you want to only push the one-off wage components to your social secretariat using Officient?

If you choose a certain group of employees, you cannot use the Officient one-off wage components for those employees you will manage with Geodynamics! You will manually have to uncheck those specific employees when you push the Officient calendar for the employees who won't be managed with Geodynamics.

9. From now on, Officient will automatically sync your Officient Calendar with Geodynamics every day at 10h and 18h.


Officient pushes the days off to Geodynamics on a per employee basis. Hence, it's vital that the names of your employees in Geodynamics match exactly with the names of your employees in Officient!

In other words: Officient will only push the days off from "Veronique Snoeck" to "Veronique Snoeck"; but NOT from "Jan De Smet to Jan Desmet"

Managing the integration

Do you want to switch off the integration or manually push your Officient calendar to Geodynamics?

Surf to and click Log in with Officient. From here, log in to the Officient account for which you want to perform modifications to the Geodynamics integration.
Next, click the box with the Geodynamics integration:

  • To manually push your Officient calendar to Geodynamics, click 'Send days off to Geodynamics'
  • To switch off the integration, click 'Disable integration'

Manage wage components and send a message to your account manager

One-off wage components and recurring wage components, as well as the free text message to the account manager of your social secretariat, can still be pushed from Officient.

You can do this by clicking the big blue button in your Calendar.

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