Would you like to transfer the leave entitlement of alternative days to the coming calendar year? Then we can make this possible for you from now on. Please contact us via chat or support@officient.io, and we will activate this for you!

How do you make a leave type transferable to next year?

❗ Only use this for alternative days, from which the leave entitlements are not imported from the payroll provider.

  1. In the Settings, go to Days off types
  2. Open the calendar type for which you want to transfer a leave entitlement
  3. In the Limits tab you can transfer the holiday type and determine how long this balance will remain valid (3 , 6, 9 or 12 months or 5 years).

💡 This is only possible for types that are limited in hours and minutes or by the number of overtime hours worked.

How to recognize the difference between the transferred and current leave entitlement

In the HR Platform, the transferred leave entitlement will be shown on the employee's personal profile. In the Self Service this distinction is not made. The employee will therefore not see how many hours (in this example) come from 2019, or from 2020.

What happens if you use this type in the calendar?

When a calendar type, consisting of a transferred balance and a new balance, is used in the calendar, Officient will automatically use the transferred balance first. When all the transferred leave entitlement is used or expired, we will use the current entitlement.

Conditions to use this function

The limits for this calendar type may not be linked to/not be retrieved from the payroll provider, but they can be:

  • linked to an overtime type within Officient
  • be entered manually by a user of the HR Platform

In each of these cases, it is possible to transfer the remaining leave entitlement from last year to next year.

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