Do your employees want to book their January ski leave in December? If so, you can already grant your employees access to a provisional leave balance awaiting the calculation of the leave entitlements by your payroll provider.

Step 1: Activate the calendar types for the coming year

In order to be able to apply for leave for the following year, you must first make the calendar types available in the HR platform. This can be done in two ways:

Activate all types of leave for the following year

  1. Go to Settings ⚙️
  2. Choose Days off-types
  3. At the top of the Calendar types, choose for the coming year

4. Click Do it!

5. Next, you will be asked whether or not you want to copy the individual limits from the previous year.

6. The calendar types and any limits from the previous year are now available

Activate day off types individually for the following year

Don't want to activate every type of leave or only copy the personal exceptions of certain types? Then you can also activate individual types of leave.

  1. Go to Settings ⚙️
  2. Under Calendar choose Days off types
  3. Click on the calendar type you want to activate for the next year
  4. Select the next year

5. Click on the blue button to activate the type

6. Next, you will be asked whether or not you want to copy the limits for the previous year.

7. This calendar type and any limits from the previous year is now available

Step 2: Manually set the limits

Officient copies the previous year's leave with the existing limits and exceptions. We, therefore, recommend adjusting the limits for the new year.

Do you want to set up provisional leave counters? Then you can adjust the limits manually.

You can set these limits for the entire organization (under Limitation for everyone) or add leave entitlements per person (via + Add exception).

Exceptions have priority over Restriction for everyone.

For example, you set up 10 days of provisional leave for everyone, but the exceptions still include last year's limits of 20 days, then you remove all exceptions or set up 10 days of provisional leave per person.

❗️ Are there calendar types linked to your payroll provider and do they manage these leave entitlements?

Good news: your provisional leave entitlements will then be overwritten with the actual leave entitlements of the payroll provider once these have been calculated. In other words, the provisional leave counters are automatically corrected. Officient will therefore settle the planned or taken provisional leave immediately.

❗️ For the calendar types that are not linked or where you manage the leave entitlements yourself, set the definitive entitlements early next year.

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