To further secure the HR Platform, Officient supports two-factor authentication (2FA) via the Auth0 Guardian app. This means that you add your Officient account with an extra layer of security on top of your email and password. Once you activated 2FA, you will need to confirm via the Guardian app that you want to log into your account.

To start, download the app on your Android device or iPhone. Then set up the two-step authentication for your Officient account:

1. Click on your initials at the top and choose My account in your Officient

2. Slide the button to activate the Two-factor authentication

3. Officient will automatically log you out. If you try to log in again, you will get a Guardian screen asking you to download the Guardian app.

4. Download the app or if you have already done so, click I've already downloaded it

5. Open the app and scan the QR code on your screen. You will now receive a security code in case you do not have your smartphone. When you have safely recorded the security code, tick I have safely recorded this code and click on the orange button. You are now logged in!

6. When you try to log in in Officient now, the following message will appear on your screen:

7. Open the app on your phone and tap Allow. You are now logged in and you can start using Officient!

💡 You can click on "Remember this browser", this way you don't have to do the two-step process every time you log in on your device.

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