What can you expect from Officient? 

  • Central personnel data, for all types of employees, in all countries and in real-time 
  • Efficient management of your contracts and policies, from creation to sending them out and getting them digitally signed 
  • Swift management of all personnel-linked assets, such as cars, laptops, badges and software 
  • An easy overview of the trainings, certificates and skills of your employees 
  • Practical workflows that allow you to check off your to-do lists whenever an employee enters or leaves your company 
  • User friendly transfer of holidays and performances* to your payroll provider 
  • And all of this in two connected platforms: the HR Platform and the Employee Self Service 

  * depending on whether your payroll provider supports this  

STEP 1: Connect your payroll provider 

In just a couple of minutes, you can easily connect Officient to your payroll provider. As soon as the connection is established, Officient will import all data for the employees found. 

It is equally possible to manually input employees through the HR Platform. 

And if you want to use Officient as a tool to transfer monthly holidays and performances to your payroll provider, you can also set up and manage types of days off and their limits. 

STEP 2: Complete the employee profiles

Most employee data are now imported from your payroll provider to the Officient platform. 

After your connection with the payroll provider, you kan set up and manage teams, and add superiors and team managers. 

Use custom fields to keep track of specific data, such as shoe size, partner name, allergies etc. 

Last but not least, we advise you to match existing contracts and policies to your employees. 

STEP 3: Add assets and trainings 

Swiftly map all the data about your employees: 

  • Fleet: company cars, bikes or motorcycles 
  • Assets: laptops smartphones, access badges, ... 
  • Software: don't lose sight of who has access to your software and tools 
  • Trainings: courses, workshops, and training days for every employee 

STEP 4: Engage your employees 

Activate Officient's Employee Self Service and boost the efficiency within your company: 

  • Grant employees insight in their total wage cost in one, clear circle 
  • Let your people adjust their own personal data 
  • Show employee's leave balance and streamline holiday requests and sickness notices 
  • Make contracts and documents visible 
  • Assign tasks to the employees involved in onboarding and other processes, with workflows 
  • Send your employees a weakly notification email with personal and relevant HR information 
  • Tailor the safety and privacy of the self-service to your needs 

What else? 

  • Grant colleagues access to the HR platform and limit there rights where needed 
  • Transfer the holidays and performances of your employees to your payroll provider every month 
  • Activate workflows and save time with recurring tasks 
  • Kick off performance reviews 

Follow our webinars and become an HR professional who has his/her administration under control! 

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